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Predictions Regarding Future Or Future Concepts

June 15th, 2021

It is normally reckoned that people who make predictions regarding technology into the future are perceived as potential mental cases. You can take the example of the aircraft. Before their invention had anybody talked about landing on the moon they were probably ridiculed and laughed at. The people who make such forecasts are known as the futurists. Normally they do not go astray and look into the very distant future owing to the explained reason.

Many scientists and writers warn against looking too far ahead into the future as the predictions are normally not backed by scientific evidence and leave the predictors in an odd and embarrassing situation. Gazing into the near future is not considered very foolish. But several writers are giving future concepts much significance in the fiction category. Many inventions once just a future concept are either underway or are close to completion. But where considering future concepts fifty years into the future may not prove beneficial for say a website or an individual, it bears fruits in the long run for the entire human race.

Let’s take the example of a phone. A phonies a household commodity nowadays and has been in use for almost forever. Today we have VoIP phones. Though they are also phones but are digital ones and back the advancements in technology. The point is that future concepts should be considered and should be worked on for making the advancement of humanity certain. Hence these concepts should be openly talked about without criticism and ridicule and people should start thinking put of the box. Anything fewer than this is going to mark the process of slow innovation which is deplorable and should be offensive.

The future concepts are definitely worth a thought and it is high time that any justifications regarding abstinence from talking about it should be abolished.

Sarfaraz was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, surrounded by traffic and technology. He writes mostly about diseases, the storybooks, futuristic columns, mysteries, as he likes to call it. He enjoys writing for web.